Leadership Team

Our leadership team recognizes the authority of God, and realizes that we are shepherds who serve under the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ. We desire to devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the Word. Our passion and goal is to equip the believers for the work of the ministry until we all attain maturity in the fullness of Christ.



The Elders consist of the Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor and members who (1) meet the qualifications found in I Timothy 3:1-7, (2) are selected after prayer and meditation by the current Elders, (3) consent to serve, and (4) receive a majority vote of confidence at a regular or special business meeting.

The foundation of a healthy church is prayer! That’s our first priority – prayer about the spiritual health and direction of First Baptist church.

We are here to help our ministries stay focused on God’s vision. How can we help you find your place in God’s church? How can we pray for you as an individual?

Our Elders Team

  • Linda Ingram
  • Gary Harmon
  • Jon Herbel
  • John Show
  • John Bastin

Karen Bastin, Moderator


Diaconate Ministries

The active ministry of FBC is the main function of the Diaconate Ministries. The Diaconate consists of seven Ministers who (1) meet the qualification found in I Timothy 3:8-12, (2) are nominated by the Nominating Committee for from the Membership at large, (3) consent to serve, and (4) are elected by a majority vote of the membership fo the church at a regular or special business meeting.

Barb Karlin, Minister of Worship 

This ministry provides opportunities for people to express love, adoration, and praise to God through worship experiences that glorify God and touch the heart and spirit of the worshipers. We believe worship ties our ministries together at First Baptist Church. Worship occurs as people experience the living Christ in their midst through a variety of styles and experiences. Do you have a passion for worship? See me with ideas of how you can be instrumental in our worship.

Always accepting people for greeters, ushers, decorators for church functions, worship leaders, special music.

Claudia Armstrong, Minister of Service

This ministry brings comfort and encouragement through the Body of Christ. It plans, implements and supervises the ministries necessary to meet the needs of people at FBC and throughout the community and world. The Service Ministry wants to reach out together in Christian service to meet the needs of those in our church family and in our community. If you would like to be a part of this ministry team, please talk to me. When we’re serving others, we’re also serving God.

Always accepting people for nursery workers, providing meals, transportation, children’s’ projects, odd jobs ie. painting, mowing and moving.

Scott Darling, Minister of Fiscal Stewardship

This ministry plans, implements and supervises the faithful utilization of the fiscal resources and financial assets of FBC. We are in a tremendous position to do ministry at First Baptist Church. We have excellent facilities with no debt! What a blessing! The question to consider it this: “How can we faithfully utilize our fiscal resources to improve our ministries?” Let’s get excited about what God will do to use our resources to reach out to others as we serve Him.

Always accepting people to help with financial projects and serving on a financial committee. 

Kim Brundridge, Minister of Discipleship

The Discipleship Ministry focuses on the transformation of the human heart from self-centeredness to Christ-likeness. It is instrumental in helping followers of Christ strive to reach their spiritual maturity.

Always accepting people for Sunday school helper or teacher, small group leader and small group host or hostess

Gary Palmateer, Minister of Physical Stewardship

This ministry will plan, implement and supervise the faithful utilization of
the physical resources of FBC. Whether it’s lighting, heating and cooling, or
decorating, the only thing that really matters is the lives that are changed
through Christ and fellowship with each other.

Always accepting people to help with the up keep of our facility.

 Ann Jones, Minister of Fellowship

This ministry seeks to bind the Body of Christ together in love. It plans, implements, and supervises the opportunities for the deepening of relationships of believers. We all have a life story and when we get to know one another through fellowship, we find that we are all more alike than we are different in everyday matters of the heart. Our lives can be changed when we fellowship with one another, and especially when we fellowship with Jesus.

Always accepting people  to cook meals, host a fellowship time, help in he kitchen and volunteer for church special events.

Amanda and Austin Little, Minister of Outreach

This ministry seeks ways to communicate the gospel to those within and outside our congregation, utilizing various medium to invite people into fellowship with Jesus Christ and His Church. Let’s be honest. Not everyone can walk up to total strangers and explain the love of Christ to them–that’s okay. Some people share Jesus by serving a friend. Some share Christ by inviting a co-worker to a special church program. Others simply love to tell of the difference Jesus has made in their lives. Each of us can share Jesus in a way that fits us best. Ask me about ideas for transforming evangelism.

Always accepting people to help with promotion, host special outreach activities, helper with Awanas, Dignity Care visits and to be part of outreach activities.